Thursday, December 2, 2010

Computer types

After using the computer I asked myself how I lived without it, The fact computer make our life much easier and more comfortable the word Computer form the verb Compute  it means calculated, and the functionality of the computer is to process  the data entered to it and transform this data into Information, it does it very quickly  and very Accurate

Benefits of Computer

-  High capacity to store data 

-  High-speed data processing
-  Accuracy in getting information 
-  Computers can be linked to each other

Computer defects

  - Although the computer do amazing things, but he does not think Or understand what he was doing. He deals with this data by specific programs have been developed through human

- If there was a mistake in the programs or data in the output Information would be certainly wrong , the accuracy of the computer in data processing depends on the skill of programmers

Computer types

personal computer


Is the computer located between your hands at home. IBM company is The first company invented the personal computer in 1981. then APPLE 
IBM computer called  pc
APPLE computer called mac
in fact the differences between them are not only the out look form but each type uses a different
kind of progamme system     


Is a small computer that  Can be moved from one place to another Easily.
It derives its power from the internal battery . Not much different operation systems forNormal computer or personal, but there is a big difference between the price of the laptopAnd the PC because of the different physical components are smaller and higher technical


in the size of the palm of the hand. its so small . used for note things .
Potential, very modest compared to the normal computer


A large-sized computer can not be used in the house, Very expensive, is used in institutions and companies can be linked to all desktop computers and other small units through the terminal


super computer

This type of computer is characterized by high capacity for data processing and Used in the military bodies and those interested in astronomical researches and Weather 

Tablet PC

it just a screen . can deal with touch ways 

Tablet PC is the latest revolution in computing, so easy to use and to access to the Internet and is somewhat higher price